The Promise - EP

by Freddie Phillips

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Being a husband and dad has brought me the most joy in life. It has also revealed the many ways I'm broken at a level I wasn't prepared to accept. Ignoring pain led to medicating with alcohol. This habit grew from something I could manage into something I couldn't, and it could have cost me everything. Even if I could avoid a catastrophic scenario, I was missing out on a time in life that I'll only have once--my children's younger years. I was blowing it. I couldn't wait to get them to bed so I could sit down by myself and drink. These songs were written during the struggle to get healthy. May we all get angry enough to fight for the best life for ourselves and those we love.


released May 5, 2017

Produced and mixed by Joe Gilder
Engineered by Derek West
Mastered by RadioReadyPR
Album cover by Jason Monaghan

Adam Silverman - Drums
Matthew Mobley - Bass
Jefferson Crow - Keys
Joe Gilder - Guitars and vocals
Freddie Phillips - Vocals, guitar, harmonica, and piano on Silence Won't Be Stilled

Songs written by Freddie Phillips



all rights reserved


Freddie Phillips Nashville, Tennessee

It doesn't take long for the Mississippi delta to come into focus in Freddie's music. A native of southeast Arkansas, he draws from childhood memories of time spent with friends and family on farms and rivers. After moving to Nashville in the late 1990s, he became disillusioned with the music business. It took getting in touch with the less polished side of country music to gain inspiration. ... more

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Track Name: If Only for a While
If only for a while
Gonna put my feet up
If only for a while
Gonna rest my mind
Cause there's things I've seen
There's things I've done
I still carry through time

Before I walk this road
Gonna sit in sunshine
Before I walk this road
Gonna find a friend
Cause there's those I've loved
There's those I've lost
It all comes back again

Can't stop the river's running
Sun and moon still take their turns
It happens all the time is what we say
Still, the Mississippi ends
Empties into oblivion
Under somebody's last sunset every day

Before I close my eyes
Wanna tell my children
Before I close my eyes
I'll plant it in their minds
"You wield too much light
To fear the dark
Wherever your road winds"
Track Name: Faith to Run Again
My hands are stained by this cursed soil
Shadows shade my eyes - I need a miracle
To find some pleasure in the toil
Empty the tank, find a heart alive and full

I'm tired of falling down
From chasing my own crown
I can't outpace the fear that waits within
I'm struggling in vain
For a prize I can't attain
I need a race to win and faith to run again

The mirror says we're past our prime
Aspirations fade if we won't fan this fire
Baby we ain't got much time
Gonna grit my teeth, take hold of this live wire

Time to loosen up my grip
On empty dreams I longed for
The grave steals what change won't strip away
When this story's all wrapped up
Who's left to mold a meaning
From sentences left scrawled upon the page?
Track Name: No Longer Home
The drive across in Greenville
Used to lift my spirits
Holds nothing for me this time

Emptiness is creeping in
I can't explain it
Rather speed past the Louisiana line

Hard to know what's the same
What has changed more
Me or this shadow of a town

They all used to be my friends
Now I do not know them
Did we drift apart or let each other down?

I'm all alone
This is no longer home

Yeah there's no point in trying to recreate it
Yeah we finished the game but didn't know we'd played it

In front of my old house
A kid is shooting baskets
On a goal that my dad hung for me

Take a turn down Camp Road
Now I'm going back in time
Hope to find where my innocence might be

I'd pick up a fifth of whiskey
And head out to a party
At a dead end on the outskirts of town

But the time for that is gone and
Who knows where to go now?
A dry county ain't no place to come down

I'm all alone
This is no longer home

Yeah there's no point in trying to recreate it
Yeah we finished the game but didn't know we'd played it
Track Name: Silence Won't Be Stilled
Too late to make a call
No sleep yet not awake
Breathe deep and try to bear
The crushing, lonely ache

On my face, close my eyes
My mind will not let go
Regrets, powerlessness
Pray for the morning's glow

A weary soul won't rest
An empty heart will go unfilled
Tears can't be suppressed
When silence won't be stilled

Wish for a voice to hear
Long for a loving touch
To kiss you one more time
One word would mean so much

You're in my sweetest thoughts
They comfort me and sting
For I have always known
You lifted everything

In forsaken space
Solace can't be found
The night commands my heart
Without the slightest sound
In my weakness I can't fight
So I'm calling to the light
I'm calling to the light
I'm calling to the light
Track Name: The Promise
Baby put your hand in mine
Let's waste the night
The noise of life can wait
It's gonna be all right

Stay with me all the way
God knows what's in store
We've walked a few hard miles
And we'll have to walk some more

When the road is broken
We'll do our best to stay in step
When we find ourselves in darkness
We'll hold to the promise

The kids are growing fast
Let's work hard and trust
When we're gone our dearest hopes
Will live on long after us

We'll look for the laughs
We'll bear our crosses
In the end, life is more
Than all the wins and losses

Vows are never worth more
Than when cold hearts must be won
Let's dig to find some faith not yet unearthed
To reconcile the needs of being separate but one
That's how we'll learn what love is worth